Voices from Accenture Public Service

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Lalit Ahluwalia

North America Security Lead for Health & Public Sector, Accenture

Valerie Armbrust

Managing Director, North America Child Services

Jim Bard

Management Consulting Principal Director, H&PS North America

Marty Benison

Senior Manager, North America Public Sector, Accenture

Teri Bennett

North America Pensions Lead, Accenture

Dan Boxwell

Managing Director, Health & Public Service, Technology Consulting

Paul Bruch

Associate Director, Pensions, North America

Keir Buckhurst

Managing Director - Northeast H&PS State and Local Technology Consulting Lead at Accenture

Brody Buhler

Managing Director, Post & Parcel Industry Global Accenture

James Canham

Managing Director, Accenture Border Services

Carie Clements

Medicaid Enterprise Offering Lead, Public Sector Health

Rob Cohan

Managing Director, Health & Public Service

Eyal Darmon

Managing Director, Pension Industry Management Consulting and Digital Practices, North America

Owen Davies

Managing Director, Pensions, Accenture

David M. Davis

Managing Director and Lead for Health & Human Services Management Consulting, North America

Kevin Ellenwood

Managing Director at Accenture Interactive

Gaurav Diwan

Accenture’s Integrated Eligibility practice North America Lead

Joseph Fiorentino

Managing Director, North America Public Sector, Analytics Lead

Jonathan Fry

Head of Education, North America Accenture

Ryan Gaetz

Managing Director, Health & Public Service

Nathan Giles

North American Cities Lead, Accenture

Michael Kelly

Digital Lead, Revenue Industry, Global Accenture

Bill Kilmartin

North America Industry Lead, Finance and Administration

Bernard le Masson

Global Managing Director – Health And Public Service, Management Consulting

Mark Lyons

Senior Managing Director, Global Public Service

Ryan Oakes

Managing Director, North America Public Sector Lead

Amit Patel

Managing Director, Nonprofit Group, Accenture

Michael Petersen

Senior Manager, Health Management Delivery Operations

Phil Poley

Managing Director, North America Public Sector, Health Industry Lead

Tracey Poole

Senior Manager, North America Pension Practice

David Regan

Managing Director, Revenue Industry, Global Accenture

Pari Sabety

Strategy Lead, Public Sector

James Slessor

Managing Director, Public Safety, Accenture

Molly Tierney

Child Welfare Industry Strategy Lead, North America Public Sector

Jamie Walker

Managing Director, Lead – Child Support Industry

Carl Ward

Health & Public Service Group Technology Officer

Rick Webb

North America Industry Lead, CIO in the New, Public Service, Accenture

Jody Weis

Director, North America Public Safety, Accenture