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State governments have an abundance of data. What I believe is in short supply are effective ways of sharing it and transforming it into insight for combating complex issues. Share your thoughts with me in the comments and learn more here.


VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Unlock Data’s Value to Drive Better Outcomes

When you are thinking about customer engagement and you think about driving that intelligence, driving that interaction with the customer it all starts with the data.

It’s all driven by the data. Driving that data to insights and getting the insights either in the hands of the worker or in the hands of the customer.

There is no shortage of data in public sector. There is an incredible wealth of data. I always call it liquid gold.

The challenge is really trying to extract the value from that data.

So, you need to be able to get to different agencies and get that data and bring that data together and make it actionable. It’s a very difficult and complex task.

There’s a number of factors at play – security, privacy.

Operationally there are challenges.

Technically there are challenges.

Organizationally there are challenges.

You’ve really got to focus on how to effectively share the data. You’ve got to get beyond the “no we can’t” to “how do we do it”.

If you can bring that information together, the amount of insights that can be gleaned and gained from that incredibly valuable data set can help put a whole number of things from driving efficiencies in the delivery model all the way to starting to combat some very complex issues around diabetes and obesity and infant mortality.

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