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Every state is working to improve how it manages Public Sector Health, by driving higher-quality care, better health outcomes and lower healthcare costs. Achieving those goals isn’t easy. So, what’s the good news? Learn more here and check out the article I mention here.


VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Three Reasons It’s a Great Time for Public Sector Health

In public sector health today, I think the challenges are that we are being driven to work differently across the ecosystem, and there is no longer this notion that it’s okay to try something and see how it works. We need to change fundamentally. That’s a challenge because I think all of us who have worked in government realize that the institutional structures that have kind of stood in the way of that collaboration are still there. Our mindset has certainly evolved, but the rules around financing, the rules around data sharing, the rules around how we procure things and how we can partner with other sorts of entities are still there and that makes it challenging to sort of realize the goals that we are out to realize.

The opportunity though is the flipside of that coin. I think there is a commitment to do this in a way that is greater than there ever has been before to really be the transformation that we’ve been talking about for so long. And the technology evolution that we’ve been undergoing in the past just five years, really the digital transformation makes it possible for us to do the sorts of things across siloes of agency even outside of state government to bring services to people where they are in the way that they want to consume them.

When it comes to workforce public sector health leaders need to really understand that the workforce of the future is fundamentally different than the workforce of today. It’s been said before, but it bears repeating here, the pace of change will never be slower than it is right now. So, what does that mean for public sector health agency leaders? It means we need to configure our workforce to be very versatile, to be able to see the entire scope of what the agency is on to do so they can anticipate and satisfy the needs of consumers and of the program that they are operating within.

And those people exist at all levels of employment and they are being hired by our competitors, commercial companies that see the value of people who can think and act in this way. We as public sector agency leaders need to understand that that is the workforce of the future and then do the hard work of changing the employment culture, the employment rules of the way in which we compensate people, or even the way in which we structure our organizations to give people for example greater flexibility to do new things.

That’s what is going to attract the workforce of the future and we need those people if we are going to achieve the goals we have set out for ourselves.

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