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State legislatures and state CIOs get it: Citizens expect protection of their personal information. Let’s talk about the security imperative for CIOs in the new – and what states are getting right when it comes to safeguarding their assets.

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Security is no longer an aspiration – it is a necessary component of every CIO’s plan.

Interesting while budgets are declining in IT, one thing that seems to be increasing even from legislative support is we’re seeing increases in information security, cyber security funding.

All states are moving very aggressively in that arena because that’s something that really matters to citizens: Protecting their data. Protecting their identity. Protecting the very assets of state government is very critical.

Every CIO around the country gets it.

The real challenge, though, is, how do they get there quick enough? And what level of support can they gather and garner from all the various parts and components of the IT enterprise to make it work?

It’s not something that you can do one off. It’s something that you have to do from an enterprise perspective.

So we’re seeing much more movement towards enterprise security strategies where people are working collectively to make sure that they’re doing their best to avoid threats and security breaches that impact that operations of government.

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