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Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t in the future. It’s here today and well within reach for the public sector. I share a great example of how a virtual assistant can deliver real results—fast.
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I’m really fascinated that some leaders are being bold and they are trying some of these bold innovative strategies.

One of our clients they are in the business of licensing and regulation. They have call centers like most of our clients do and they get a lot of calls from their customers or constituents.

In this one particular example they were getting a lot of calls where people had to wait say 30 or 45 minutes just to talk to somebody and the call would only be a 2-minute long call once it was answered. So a long wait for a very short call. And so this agency approached us and said, “Could you help solve this with artificial intelligence?”

And so in a matter of eight weeks from start to go live in eight weeks we stood up a text message-based virtual assistant where these callers didn’t have to stay on hold or even call the call center. They could just text the department.

Our virtual assistants would answer the text about their queries and so from the customers’ perspective they were highly satisfied because they could do it any time 24/7. They don’t have to wait on holds or long hold on call center lines. But from a department’s perspective also they don’t have to have their staff answering these calls. They are doing higher value work.

I think there are other examples like that too across the country that we are starting to see and I am really excited that people are really trying to take the step towards some of these bold transformational technologies.


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