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What’s stopping the public sector from exploring cloud-based back office platforms? Here I outline three benefits of a platform approach, highlight three considerations when choosing a platform partner, and share an example of a government that’s on the fast track thanks to its back-office platform strategy.

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What’s the VALUE of back office platforms?

So there’s three basic ways that these industry platforms are creating value for our government clients.

Value 1: OpEx, not CapEx

First, they are lowering the risk of investment.
They’re allowing governments to invest in high-performance computing capabilities without using capital dollars.
They can do it on their operating dollars and pay for it by the drink as they use the capacity.

Value 2: Greater standardization
The second way in which it’s lowering risk is [that] it is actually providing an incentive for them to adopt standard processes throughout their organizations in function areas where operations are quite common between governments. It allows them to develop peer KPIs and other ways of comparing their performance.

Value 3: Reduced risk
The third way in which it lowers risk is around cybersecurity because it allows them to offload the maintenance, the currency, and the security aspect of running the enterprise to their platform provider.

What should the public sector seek in a platform PARTNER?

There are three things a government should consider as it selects a platform partner.

Consideration 1: Trust
First is trust. They need to know that the provider they are selecting has the deep capabilities that they need to deal with many unforeseen issues that will occur over the long term of a platform relationship. 

Consideration 2: Collaboration
Secondly, they have to be confident in the ability of the partner to collaborate openly and deeply with them in order to enable them to achieve the highest results possible.

Consideration 3: Innovation
And lastly, they should actively seek out a partner in innovation. These platform investments are long-term relationships, and that means technology is going to continue to accelerate its changes. As those changes take place, you’re going to want a partner that brings those innovations to you and provides them as a service.

Real-world back office platform 

Real-world results
We are partnering with a government client today to onboard them onto an industry platform specifically built for government, and we believe that platform holds the promise to allow them to achieve unprecedented levels of business value and cost savings, allow them to spur innovation across the enterprise, really allowing their public servants to focus on what’s most important, which is providing services to their citizens. And lastly, it allows them to compare themselves to others in search of operational excellence.

Unlock the VALUE of back office platforms

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