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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Embracing New Tech, New Mindsets in Public Sector

You know I think for the past couple of decades a lot of the large technology transformation work that has gone on has been very costly, has taken a lot of time to implement, and it has also been very limited in terms of where the technology comes from.

So, when I see what is going on in the technology landscape today and really what gets me excited is A) things have become a lot cheaper. It is becoming a lot faster to do transformational things, and finally you’ve got options like you never had before…and things are becoming available in the public sector space from Google, from Amazon, from Facebook. I think it’s just amazing where we are today.

I think if you again look at bold and transformational technologies one of the things I find more states struggle with are two things rather.

The first just being information. Some states just don’t know about these transformation things like artificial intelligence or virtual reality. So, I think one of the things that we all have to collectively do a better job at is educating our state counterparts on that, on the availability of such technologies.

And the other thing I would say is mindsets. A lot of states have the fear of failing. Traditionally it has taken them five-year-long projects to figure out that it’s a failed implementation. That’s not the case anymore, right? It takes us two weeks or two months to figure out if it’s going work or not. So, I think changing that mindset also requires a little bit of work, but I’m very inspired and there are some leaders out there that we are working with now that don’t have that fear of failing anymore.

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