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Recently, I had the pleasure to join HHS leaders at Harvard University to learn from and with them at the 2018 Health & Human Services Summit. It reinforced my belief that NOW is the time for the public sector to be BOLD by stop tuning and start transforming. I look forward to hearing what you think.




VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Bold Ideas for Better Outcomes: Reflections on the 2018 Health & Human Services Summit

This is a very intentionally designed small intense experience around really focusing on delivering meaningful change to the health and human service industry around this country.

The collection of leaders is carefully curated to be able to bring together different points of views and create an environment where people can challenge each other, both inside the classrooms so to speak and in the hallways during the breaks and meals when people are really pushing each other to think differently about how we can deliver outcomes for our citizens.

Having a striking reminder of the fact that we’re all here to deliver outcomes that are about helping people to have a roof over their head, keeping children safe, that is about keeping our streets safe, that is about serving the day to day business of our constituents and maintaining a relentless focus on what are we really trying to achieve as we go through each action, each program, each project, each design session I think it’s incredibly important.

It’s very easy to lose sight of that when you’re spending years putting in a big complex transactional system. Now that we can actually enable transformation more rapidly and we can drive it off of lower price point faster results with more iterative sort of approaches, it’s really an opportunity to double down and focus on the outcomes.

As I look at all of the change in leadership that is about to happen it’s really an opportunity as new leaders come in, or as leaders return having won their re-election, it is an opportunity to stop being subtle and stop piloting and stop tweaking and adjusting. Move away from that model and instead be bold, so stop tuning and start transforming.

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