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It’s one thing to change. It’s another to create lasting change. Public service organizations need to keep this in mind when going digital. Discover what key strategies Gabriel Bellenger believes will prepare you for the future – no matter what’s in store.




Why is cybersecurity important to create a resilient public service organization?

Gabriel Bellenger: So I think this is a tipping point for public services in Europe, the pressure that we have known round budgetary and financial cycles are actually being combined by operational challenges around the internet and others and internal challenges. So the need for transformation and becoming an agile organization is extremely important because they need this flexibility to be able to be ready for whatever is going to happen over the next few years.

Why is digital decoupling and ecosystem partnerships, two key ingredients to enable a resilient public sector organization?    

Gabriel Bellenger: Certainly from a digital strategy standpoint, there is a key element which is digital decoupling. Digital decoupling is effectively being able to separate your front layer so that if there are issues with it you are still able to operate on your transactional systems so decoupling is going to be a key strategy to get right, so that when you are going to have a revenue agency for instance trying to bring forward things like virtual digital assistants – they are not going to be directly plugged into the transaction system – and you effectively create a fuse so that the public sector organization will not be able to work.

Secondly when you look at talent, the reality is that partnerships are extremely important and there are partnerships at 2 levels – partnerships with other government departments – there is a fantastic example in Finland at the moment with one of the most ambitious cross functional government transformations happening – whereby all the government departments but in particular the Immigration and the Tax Department have collaborated and created a chatbot to have a single voice for investors coming into Finland where they can get an answer regarding their Immigration status and their Tax status right away.

And this type of collaboration creates resilience across the public sector. The other approach of partnerships is working increasingly with the eco-system of partners in the private sector and no longer is it about depending on one or two key vendors, it is about creating a rich tapestry of smaller boutiques which specialize in a number of areas, the bigger players, but creating that eco-system around them so they are able to de-risk the way to attract the right talent and again another perfect example of this is a project we are doing around speech to text – that is the ability to translate all the call centre information into text so you can really analyze why people are calling, what information they are really after and this is done by a partnership with a very small Dutch company which is actually providing better translation services than the giant, Google.

So being able to address those challenges with those 2 strategies is really going to help public service move into the digital age with a lot of resilience.


  1. ótimas ideis especialmente essa de integração para termos ações mais efetivas.
    uma outra ção que julgo muito relevante é o uso de formas, tecnologicas ou não, de a adminsitração publica entrar em contato com o cidadão e perceber extamente quais as suas necessidades!! digo até mais : como abrir as portas da administração, virtualmente ou fisicamente, e deixar-se arejar pela presença participativa dos cidadãos , analisando, planejando , executando e acompanhando , avaliando todos os processos que colaboram para a agregação de valor publico aos resultados das politicas publicas. um grande processo de descentraliazação e de valorização do situacional e do local , no lugar do global.
    obrigado pelo video

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