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Government agencies need to rethink their role and bring the power of the ecosystem together to widen the catalogue of services. In this blog series, Gaurav explains how we can achieve this by partnering to generate expected impact.


There  is  a  need  for  a  systemic  change  and I  can certainly see  that  shift  starting  to  happen and a  trend towards more  collaboration  across  that  ecosystem.  What that means  is  that government  agencies  need  to  rethink  their role  not  only  to be  providers  but  to  be  facilitators  in  an ecosystem  and that  is  really vital  because  in the  times we  have  today governments  have  limited resources  and budgets,  so  they know  that  they don’t  have  the wherewithal  and the  reach to  be  able  meet  this  complex  set  of  needs  independently so  they have  to  partner with  the ecosystem.

By  bringing  the power  of the  ecosystem together  –  government  agencies,  the private sector,  both  large,  small and medium  sized companies,  the  whole  startup community,  academia  and research,  when you start  to  bring them  together,  both to  foster  kind of  new  ways  of  working,  new  ways  of  partnering  and also  widening  the catalogue  of  services  that  people  are  able  to avail  of.

That  is  when  at  a national  level,  at  a  system  level,  you  get  a  much  greater  impact  and  much  better  outcomes, because there is  a  power  in  that  teaming,  it  is  greater  than  the sum of the parts  and  what  we are really  trying to  drive  is  that  all  pulling towards  the  same  direction,  all  ultimately  driven  towards  improving the  individual and the  family outcomes  of  the  people  that  they serve.


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