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Gaurav Gujral on the democratisation of technology, and how it gives everyone the opportunity to access and benefit from it. This can accelerate the quality and productivity of services and improve outcomes for people and for governments to better serve the citizen.


Governments  exist  to  serve  the  end customers  and society and providing  a  social  safety net  as  well  as  supports and enablements  so  that  they may be  able  to  come  back  to  self  sufficiency and if  you can  deploy technologies in  that  way,  that  makes  people’s  lives  easier.

I  look at  it  as  the  democratization  of  technology  today  because  if  you  were  to keep  technology  only  within  an elite  group,  you then further  increase  the  wedge  between the  haves  and the  have-nots,  and that  is  what governments  need  to  realize,  we have this  tremendous  opportunity,  we can  truly  have the democratization  of technology so  that  everybody can access  it  and benefit  from it.

If we look  at  how we interact  with  most  of our  services  today,  like the various  platform  services,  the Amazons, the Ubers,  the Airbnbs,  we are now starting  to  see  some of  those data  driven  services  or  analytics  services  or AI  services become  very  much  part  of  our  daily  lives  and  governments  are  certainly  looking  at  this  as  a way  to enable  and accelerate  both the  quality of  their  services  but  also  productivity within their  own organizations,  as well  as  to  be  able  to  create  integration  and  collaboration,  so  using  platform  based technologies,  you have  the ability to  partner  with other  actors  in the  ecosystem  to  then have  a  coordinated response.

I  am  truly confident  and optimistic  about  the  future.  I  truly  think  we  are  clearly at  a  watershed moment,  where the  next  5  years  will  see  an increased  acceleration and diffusion of  innovative  technologies  across  many spheres  of  our  lives  in  public services  and  it  is  going to  go  a  great  way  in  improving outcomes  for  people, improving outcomes  for  government  and  to  better  serve the citizen.


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