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As public service agencies grapple with constant waves of disruption and continually evolving expectations driven by the pace and demands of modern life, providing consistent, relevant experiences at the point of service is becoming harder. Gabriel Bellenger explores how tools like predictive analytics and automation are driving innovation across public service and delivering better outcomes for citizens.


Clearly there is a need to actually address the current challenges that public services are having in a very different way. Most places have gone through a series of cost cutting initiatives in the last 10 years. Now the phrase ‘doing more with less’ needs to be more than an idea, it needs to mean real operational changes. That is where we really see our clients starting to figure out – how do I actually use tools like automation, tools like predictive analytics to not just be reactive to the needs of citizens but to be proactive and I would even say preventative.

Better Outcomes for Citizens

We have a fantastic project in Austria, where we have done some really complex data analytics to start to really understand what is going to be nudging people to actually take those good decisions every day.

Working with social insurance and working with a number of hospital providers, we started to put a programme in place which is looking at – how do you help people stop smoking, how do you help people take the right decisions every day.

How much exercise are they going to be doing, how much people can rely on each other so they can serve the people who are becoming dependent. That approach, which is about self-service, which is about prevention is going to be fundamentally different to the way public services have been delivered for the last 50 years.

Innovation in Public Services Across Europe

I am very privileged to be the European Lead for Consulting. That is because, it is a privilege to be able to go and see what happens in every of our key clients around Europe.

If I look at what we are doing in the Justice System in Spain, for instance, we are helping judges to actually go through thousands of pages of documentation from machine learning, by flagging where the most relevant pieces of information for a case are.

In Finland, we have developed a chatbot which enables people to really ask complex questions and free up a lot of the time from the call center – when it is very specific series of questions around where is my refund, what is the next deadline for submission. That really enables people to be able to have a very different relationship with their Public Services.

As a really passionate believer of providing better outcomes to see citizens across Europe, being engaged on those very meaningful projects has being a fantastic part of my role.

This is how we are going to get a better service, a better quality of life for a lot of European citizens and a way out of what really looks like a complex crisis where most Public Service organizations are feeling they are going into.


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