Voices from Accenture Public Service

Lalit Ahluwalia

North America Security Lead for Health & Public Sector - Accenture

Gabriel Bellenger

Managing Director and Consulting Lead – Revenue Industry, Global Accenture

Rainer Binder

Managing Director, Global Lead – Employment and Social Services, Accenture

Brody Buhler

Managing Director, Post & Parcel Industry Global Accenture

James Canham

Managing Director, Accenture Border Services

Helen Cochrane

Senior Manager, Accenture Border Services

Stuart Cotton

Managing Director, Accenture UK Defence

Ger Daly

Senior Managing Director, Defense and Public Safety, Accenture

Alexander de Voet

Manager, Global Consulting Lead, Accenture Border Services

Allan W. Fairley

Managing Director, Public Safety, UK

Simon Giles

Global Cities Lead, Public Service, Accenture

Gaurav Gujral

Managing Director, Global Consulting Lead, Accenture Social Services

Jen Hawes-Hewitt

Global Cities Consulting Lead, Accenture

Mark Howard

Global Administration Segment Lead, Public Service, Accenture

Mark Jennings

Managing Director, Health & Public Service

Antti Kolehmainen

Managing Director, Global Defence Business Service Lead, Accenture

Brian Lee-Archer

Managing Director, Health and Public Service - Accenture

Niamh McKenna

Managing Director, Accenture Health and Public Service, UK

Simon Mitchell

Managing Director, Health & Public Services

Amit Patel

Managing Director – Nonprofit Group, Accenture

Rachel Phillips

Managing Director – Global Public Safety Consulting Lead – Accenture

David Regan

Managing Director – Revenue Industry, Global Accenture

James Slessor

Managing Director, Public Safety, Accenture

Mark Smith

Managing Director, Accenture Health & Public Service, United Kingdom

Dr. Valtteri Vuorisalo

Industry Innovation Senior Principal, Defence Services, Global Accenture

Carl Ward

Health & Public Service Group Technology Officer