Voices from Accenture Public Service

Mark Lyons

Senior Managing Director, Global Public Service

Mark currently leads Accenture’s Global Public Service industry. In his role Mark is responsible for driving Accenture’s Public Sector transformation and growing Accenture’s global capability. Mark has spent 30 years with Accenture. In his previous role he led the UK and Ireland’s Health and Public Service practice for 8 years and was also responsible for the development and execution of the European Public Service Strategy.

Mark has represented Accenture on many external organizations’ Public Sector Boards, including the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and TechUK.

Mark was particularly focused during the early part of his career on the Social Security and Revenue aspects of Public Service but has more recently widened this focus to the Cities and Public Safety agendas. Much of the work that Mark does is at the convergence of business and technology, looking at how new and emerging technologies can be used by Public Sector organizations to improve outcomes for the Public Sector and that it works with.

Mark lives in Manchester in the UK. He is married with 3 children.

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