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Amar Narayan

Managing Director – Consulting, Health & Public Service, Intelligent Automation, Europe

As Managing Director and Intelligent Automation lead for Accenture’s Health and Public Sector Business in the UK and Ireland, Amar is committed to smarter digital and human solutions that improve the everyday lives of workforces and citizens, yet, accelerate the Public Sector transformational agenda. He has led the development of Accenture’s pioneering intelligent automation platform that is delivering digital process on demand. And he has worked alongside the Department of Work and Pensions to create a multi-award-winning, scaled intelligent automation capability that has driven 135 working years of process in 3 years.
Amar is focusing his strengths in digital technology and business consultancy to create new ways that automation can help the Public Sector make a difference to citizens, contribute to modern and efficient government, and deliver taxpayers value for money.

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